Complex installations and facilites

Measuring and complete documentation of complex installation as:

Oil & Gas and chemical industries

Measuring of current built status and comparison with new design installation that guarantee the integrity of the design before beginning the building stage.

Big dimensions factories

Machines, stockpiles, protection fences, or other tools usually present in factories harden the measuring task in installations. With an appropriate scanning strategy is possible to obtain a complete documentation and later discard the non-interesting information.

A particular case of scanning in complex installations are those made in offshore projects. Metromecánica has a large experience in high accuracy measurements for installations in high seas, ports and boats.

A common application is the measuring and verifying of a part before, while and after mounting. Other habitual is the simulation in CAD of obtained data before starting the intervention.

Thanks to last generation tools and a workflow highly depurated we can develop custom solutions to guarantee the maximum accuracy in most exigent environments.

  • Tridimensional color point clouds in a fast and easy way.
  • High performances.
  • Comparison against CAD and deviations analysis.
  • Cost reduction and security increase
  • Measurements and compatible models with more used software in the sector (PDMS/SP3D/AutoPlant/AutoCad 3D Plant, etc).

Other case is the modelling of industrial plants from point clouds.


Modelado de estructuras, vigas, tuberias, conductos.

Is common that the existing documentation in industrial installations is obsolete, incomplete or imprecise. In other moments only plans or 2D diagrams are available.  This is a big problem to make any maintenance or modification.

Thanks to scanner laser devices we can capture the reality in a fast, trustworthy and complete way. We obtain high resolution point clouds with geometrical and colorimetrical of the reality. With this point clouds we can explore, measure and even simulate new components in the installations because they are integrable in CAD environments.

Sometimes our customers do not have the needed ways to work with point clouds, because a lack of practice, devices or special suites for it. The transformation of point clouds into tridimensional models is the first step in different workflows, as the 3D transformation into BIM or rendered models. So it will be possible to transform from the point cloud to the tridimensional model perfectly understandable and usable for each field specialist.

This techniques are applicable in works of design, maintenance, revamping in different environments, etc.