Cultural heritage

The cultural heritage is the tangible and intangible heritage of a people or community that has been bequeathed to be conserved and transmitted to the following generations. Within these, tangible goods are normally exposed to a degradation that endangers their durability over time. Given the unique and irreplaceable character of many works, any loss can be dramatic.

At present, new techniques such as virtual reality or augmented reality begin to contribute to the management of cultural heritage. The measurement and capture of reality techniques also play a fundamental role.

Thanks to 3D scanning we can capture geometric and radiometric information of buildings, statues and elements of great historical value and make them available to specialists in this field for different studies. We provide point clouds, 3D models, virtual visits, which can be used for different purposes: analysis and research, inventory, restoration, dissemination or reproduction.

In Metromecanica we can offer three-dimensional models of high resolution and precision that will contribute to these tasks.

The possible deliverables are:

  • 3D models: delivered in various standard formats and integrable in BIM environments. 3D topographic surveys.
  • Point clouds RGB (Color)
  • Orthoimages
  • Mesh models: combining scan data with high resolution digital images suitable for 3D printing
  • Animations and fly-throughs.

An example of this is our digitization project in Sagrada Familia in which a Metromecanica team in the facilities set up within Sagrada Familia carries out the digitization of more than 8000 pieces recovered from Gaudi’s models.