GapGun Pro System

Third Dimension is a world leading developer and manufacturer of non-contact, precision profile measurement solutions. It design and sell non-contact, optical profile measurement systems for gap, flush, radius, edge breaks, seals and more. Established in 1995, Third Dimension has a long track record of supplying non-contact optical measurement equipment and services to the largest names in aerospace, automotive and energy sectors worldwide.

The GapGun Pro system can simultaneously measure gaps and flushes, edges, radiuses and diameters, chamfers, scratches and more defects which can affect the final quality of any product by projecting a laser line on the surface to check.

The GapGun system has a modular design which allows exchanging the sensor head to reach different fields of view (FOVs), for example, the user could combine a head with a very high resolution (7 mm beam length and close to 3 micron accuracy) with a head with a wide-angle FOV (80 mm length and less precision) to cover all the different kinds of measurements.