One of the activities that is being favored by the use of these techniques is the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage.

By using laser scanners, we can document spaces and architectural elements obtaining high resolution and precision point clouds, also capturing color thanks to the integrated HDR camera.

These data will be very useful for architects, archaeologists and restorers since it will allow to virtually analyze the 3D space on an immersive experience, as if they were in front of the object itself. In addition, plans, elevations and sections can be extracted with great ease.

The main benefits of using this technology are:

  • Obtaining accurate, complete and updated documentation in a fast and economical way.
  • Higher precision and reliability compared to conventional methods.
  • Non-invasive, non-destructive method of data collection.
  • Facilitates the creation of copies or replicas to avoid deterioration of the originals.
  • Economical and viable method. Cost reduction by requiring less time in data capture.
  • Reduction of the impact with the normal activity of the facility (visits, events, exhibitions …) or other restoration or conservation works that can be carried out in parallel.

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