Portable Metrology 3D

We at Metromecánica are specialists in metrology control of all kind of parts and toolings, from small and médium size parts which can be verified at our laboratorios, to large parts like wind turbine blades or big aeronautic jigs, those controls are done in-situ.

Our means are:

  • Láser tracker de alta rango.
  • Portable 3D arms.
  • Scanning systems for point cloud measurements.
  • Interferómetros laser.

We provide a wide range of metrology solutions:

  • Measurement of parts and structures, against 2D drawings and 3D models.
  • Parts scanning.
  • *Capacity and repeatibility tests, Cpk, Ppk.
  • *Measurement protocols programming, with software Spatial Analyzer, Calygo, Calypso, Metrolog, Cosmos, Pc-dmis, Polyworks.

We perform every special metrology project, installing machinery and metrology operators anywhere in the world.