• Reverse Engineering

      Through reverse engineering techniques it is possible to reach the “reverse” way from the common design processes, being able to obtain the 3D solid design of parts, tools, dies, machinery, etc. From this, the next step is to retake the typical industrial integration procedures, at the level of design integration, CAD-CAM manufacturing, processes programming, etc.

      A 3D scanning will be necessary. More common are laser or structured light in order to obtain a point cloud; along with the customer the need will be defined: parametric or real reverse engineering. The deliverable file could be from a STL meshing model to a solid 3D file.


      In Metromecánica we make the digitalisation of any component, machinery or product, with 3 objectives:

      • Making of comparatives against scanned massive CAD point clouds, for its use in quality control.
      • Obtaining of meshing files with STL extension, for later use in machining, 3D printing, design, etc.
      • Reverse engineering from the scanned data. CAD 3D file generation.
      We can perform these services on-site or in our laboratories.