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Our purpose is to provide accurate and relevant dimensional information



Aportamos soluciones autónomas llave en mano integradas en el proceso de producción. Datos digitalizados, información relevante para el control de tus procesos.
Geometría 3D, atributos y defectología.

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At Metromecánica, we develop industrial metrology services:

Our 20 years’ experience endorse our endeavours.

Measurement and maintenance

Specialists in measuring for the geometry of assembly and production tooling. We collaborate with our customers in all the processes that affect the metrology of their tools from the early stages of design, manufacture, commissioning and maintenance.

Medición de producto

From small, medium to very large.

Reverse engineering

Parts of all types and sizes, assemblies such as moulds and dies, machines, and large-volume items.

Major installations

Metrology management in large automotive projects, aeronautics, energy and Gics, large facilities scientific


We make reality captures in architecture, engineering and construction.
We generate digital and BIM models.

Equipment rental

Software, equipment and measurement accessories are available for rent.


We devise automated solutions for dimensional inspection. Our aims are to:

Technology is changing the world as we know it. At Metromecánica, we are committed to a better world for people, and actively participate in this transformation.


Fully automated applications integrated into production lines provide real-time geometry data at different stages of the production process.


Advanced metrology solutions to verify your products automatically without the need of metrology experts. We tailor automation levels to your needs.

At Metromecánica, we boast a network of alliances and agreements with market leaders that allow us to offer better technological and business capabilities to our customers.

We surround ourselves with the best to offer the best customized and specialized solutions.


20 years at the helm of top-level clients in different sectors who trust our solutions to guarantee the quality of their processes and products.

Latest news

Information regarding our activities, events and news.

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