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GAPGUN PRO 2 Profilometer

What is GAPGUN PRO2?

High precision 2D laser profilometer that allows a simple, swift and digitised capture of multiple profile types.

With 8 hours operational range, easily create your check-plans and intuitively follow the measurement sequence via its touch screen to view the results in situ.

Geometric data is shared via Wi-Fi once the measurements are completed. The INSPECT software manage the data and view the measurements in real time.

What benefits are provided?

All in One: a single tool for all your profile measurements.

Digitises your data, automatically records all measurements.

Automatic programmes guide the operator through the entire measurement sequence.

Minimises human error, improves repeatability and reproducibility.

Increased accuracy and traceability following international standards.

Increased productivity each capture measures multiple features in 1 second.

SPC3D software, analyse your data in real time, meet relevant KPIs.

Technical features

New ultraviolet laser measures chrome, translucent surfaces...

Allows for simultaneous measurement of different surfaces and finishes.

Increased range from 0 to 60mm. Improved accuracy up to 20µm.

The new generation of the T60 sensor head doubles the speed, less than one second to capture and view the deviation of any profile.

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