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ISI ROB is an automatic 3D measurement system created by Metromecánica, designed to carry out the dimensional inspection of products and parts on the shop floor in the simplest way.


Discover the benefits of ISI ROB


Why ISI ROB is the best solution to optimise your measurement processes.

  • - For single use by reference.
  • - With important delivery and adjustment deadlines.
  • - With a high cost of design, manufacture, calibration, maintenance and storage.
  • - Values are limited to contact areas and traceability can be improved.
  • - These are saturated.
  • - They need to be operated by metrology technicians.
  • - They are located in dedicated laboratories.
  • - The results are not immediate.
  • - Dimensional analyses require massive data for their analysis.
  • - Surface colour maps are current demand.

With the ISI ROB solution, you will find the dimensional inspection partner you have been waiting for.

We have created a measurement solution composed of:

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AGILE 3D, ISIROB's control software, which allows non-expert technicians, with a basic one-day training, to complete the programming of new references in minutes so that, subsequently, workshop operators can carry out the measurements following a simple and intuitive 4-step guided sequence.

Features Technical

Sensor Creaform handy Blck Elite

3D scanning sensor Creaform Handy Black Elite Accuracy: 0.025 mm
Scanning speed: 1,300,000 pnt/sg
Scanning area: 310 x 350

UR5e Collaborative Robot

Range of 850 mm Repeatability +/- 0.1 mm Protection IP54.

Point cloud

Workstation with point cloud processing capability

Simple and Intuitive

Intuitive user interface, allows measurement with simple touch screen commands.

Great Integration

Robust component integration on a mobile trolley. Total weight: 240kg.

Agile 3D

Automation Software: Agile 3D.
It enables simple and intuitive control of peripherals, simplifies tasks and reduces programming times.
Available with 3D metrology software:

Inspection volume

Maximum inspection volume:
600 x 600 x 750 mm


4 USB ports. HDMI. Ethernet network port. 220 V power socket. Emergency buttons.

Rotary table

Rotary table with
repeatability ±2 arcsec.
Maximum weight 100 Kg

ISIROB integrates leading brands of hardware and software under the AGILE 3D platform.

We offer you a demo with your parts so that you can see how easy it is to automate your 3D metrology.

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